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Electrolytic lon Earthing Pole

    The lon earthing system composes of advanced reversible controlled release compound,surface of electrode is red copper alloy which ensures the hithest conductive performance and prolongs life time and it it equipped with two main kinds of filler both inside and outside it is proved by the experiment that the direct reason of too high soil resistivity is that the assistant assistant conductive action fo free ion is in shortage,The filletr outside the earthine conductor mainly composes of positive ion exchange,and it is equipped with various chemical materials as supplementary materials of long lasting resistance reduction strong anticorrosive performance high voitage pulse resistance it is mainly used to settle the humidity generating ion comtent and anti-corrosive protection surrounding the conductor which makes the conductor combine with the earthe tightly and reduce the comtact resistance between electrode and the soil bettering the resistivity around the soil and strengthening the thunder discharge ability effectively The filler inside the conductor contains specially made electrolytic ion compound which can absorb the water in air completely, Through deliquescence action,it releases the active electrolytic ion into the soil effectively and make action with the water in soil and air which more acc-elerates the comtrolles release resistance reduction outside the comductor and keep the resistance value stable for long term. The compound inside the conductor will combine into transparent colloid gradually,We use the conbuctive performance of colloid compound to make the whole system in state of ion exchange in reduce gradually and gets to a stable value within half year or one year the controlles release burying process can be 30 years at most

Earthing System Principle
The earthing resistance of earthing device usually composes of three(partssee chart)
Par first:The resistance of earthing object itself usually the earthing electrode is made by metal the resistance of this only occupies the 1%-2% of earthing resistance which can be ignored.
Part second:The contact resstance between earthing electrode and soil,the resistance of this part occupies the 20%-60%of earthing resistance
Part three:The unconcentrated flow resistance ofter the current charges to the soil through earthing earting this part this part uncomcentrated flowis up to soil ersistivity.
Technical Parameter of Electrolytic lon Earthing Pole
Model Spec(mm) Weight(kg) Rlmpulse Current Ph Value Resistance Reduction
HXF-530C 55*2000 20 1% 75% 2
HXF-520C 55*2000 14 1% 75% 4
HXF-515C 55*1500 10 1% 75% 8